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Why Entero-CR®

Entero-CR introduces live, beneficial bacteria and yeasts similar to those naturally present in your intestines. These probiotics help restore optimal microbial balance and a healthy gut—which is essential to good digestive and overall health.

Immune Support

Scientists have discovered that certain probiotic strains, like those found in Entero-CR, can help regulate the immune system. How exactly do probiotics work to protect your health?

Probiotics Help Balance the Gut

Did you know a major part of your immune system actually lies in your digestive tract? There are up to 1,000 species of bacteria living in your body, both good and bad. The ones that live in your intestines and colon—referred to collectively as your gut microbiome—are thought to be key to maintaining a normally functioning immune system.

Established in infancy, the gut microbiome diversifies as we grow and "teaches" our immune system how to respond to substances in our environment. A strong, healthy immune system can easily tolerate dust, dirt, food preservatives and other everyday substances, yet knows to launch a response against dangerous viruses. However, if our microbiome becomes unbalanced, with too many bad bacteria, our immune system can overreact to invaders, putting our bodies in an inflammatory state that may increase our risk for illness.

Supplementation with good bacteria (i.e. probiotics) has been found to help inhibit the growth of harmful gut bacteria and maintain a healthier microbial balance.

Probiotics Can Help Fight Pathogens

Some probiotic strains have also been found to boost the production of antibodies — your body’s defense against pathogens — as well as natural "fighter" cells like lymphocytes, which identify and destroy cancerous or infected cells.

Enter Entero-CR

Entero-CR contains multiple strains of good bacteria proven to support overall health. Entero-CR floods your system with “friendly” bacteria, helping to restore your gut microbiome to a state of diversity and harmony. A balanced microbiome may improve your ability to tolerate environmental pathogens, such as viruses and bad bacteria, and keep illnesses at bay.

With continued use, Entero-CR may help support your body’s natural immune defenses.

What makes Entero-CR different? The answer lies in its formulation. Learn more.